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We believe that by working together, we’re able to achieve great things. By sharing ideas, knowledge and perspectives, we capitalize on one another’s strengths so as to create better solutions for our clients. Creativity is the power of imagination. We solve problems in new and creative ways. We are open to inspiration to power our originality

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Learning & Development

Integrated learning platform to learn and deepen your knowledge of technology & soft skills.

Flexible Timings

We do not mind your work timings as long as you are able to produce the results.

Role Change

Would you like to try out a new role ?. Learn the skills and give it a try. We are happy to support you in role change once you meet basic criteria.

Celebrate with us

Let us celebrate your milestones like birthdays, work anniversaries, weddings & childbirth together.

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AR Technology® welcomes students for an internship placement with the company where the student will be exposed to relevant working experience. Please submit your Cover Letter, CV, and Resume to

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